Your Appointment System Works for You. Does It Work for Your Clients?

Your Appointment System Works for You. Does It Work for Your Clients?

If you use online appointment software, you’ll almost certainly love it. It’s amazing how the right piece of software can transform your entire business for the better. However, even if you’re happy with your appointment system, you need to know how your customers feel about it.

Every customer interaction you have provides an opportunity for feedback. The more opinions you get about your appointment system, the better service you can provide. Here are some ways you can get feedback from your clients at every step of their customer journey:

Send Email Blasts

While email is no longer everyone’s primary form of communication, it’s still a good way to seek feedback on your appointment system. Customers are likely used to receiving emails from you, so they’re the perfect spot to place some strategic survey links. 

Standalone survey emails are often deleted instantly, so incorporate your survey links into the emails your customers are already expecting. For example, add a survey link to the bottom of the confirmation emails you send when a customer books an appointment. Attaching a survey about your appointment system to an email thanking customers for their business could also do the trick. You can send them after each appointment or purchase.

Leverage Social Media

The average social media user spends nearly two and a half hours on digital platforms each day. That’s 150 minutes of opportunity for client interaction. You can use that time to target customers scrolling through their news feed. 

Surveys distributed through social media are visible and can be easily shared. They can also be packaged in a more attractive way than most other surveys.

Many businesses use social media to announce deals, events, and promotions to their followers. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Make customers who submit survey responses eligible for a giveaway. This will incentivize them to stop and answer questions about your appointment system rather than scroll right by. 

Use Built-In Wait Time

Keeping wait times for clients to a minimum is important. But customers will inevitably spend some time in your waiting room on occasion. This provides an excellent opportunity to pass along a small survey for them to take before their appointment begins.

Utilize the check-in procedure to get the process started. Once a customer signs in, ask them if they’d be willing to answer a few questions about your appointment system while they wait. Of course, you needn’t stop there. Your survey might also address the layout of the lobby or ask customers to rate their interaction with the front desk staff.

Update Customer Records

Not every survey about your appointment system has to be formal. Questions asked during an appointment will give you great, candid responses you’ll want to remember. To keep track of the information, record individuals’ responses on the relevant customer records. 

The patient portals doctors use are a great example of this. They allow doctors to keep track of patient responses during check-ups. Then they have all patient information in one place and can refer to the file as needed. 

Other industries can try a similar method. Online appointment software solutions that let you take note of any comments customers make could prove very useful. 

Run a Case Study

Is your company just now considering implementing online appointment software? There are things you can do to make the transition easier. Before you make the switch, run a case study with some volunteer customers. 

Identify customers who are willing to be your guinea pigs. Explain the new system and tell them that they’ll be asked for feedback about the experience. After a case study, you’ll know exactly how customers feel about your new appointment system before a full launch. 

Remember that when you run a case study, you should assemble a diverse group of volunteers. Older customers may have different questions and concerns about online appointment software than younger ones. Getting many perspectives will help you provide the best service to every customer who walks through your door. 

Add a Feedback Box

Making it easy for clients to share opinions can get you more respondents. So add a feedback box to your website. This will encourage customers to share their thoughts about your appointment system even when they’re on the website for a different purpose. 

A website feedback box acts just like a physical suggestion box you might have seen at a store or in your workplace. Online, the box may be a small chat bubble or even use a chatbot. Visitors can quickly jot down a thought and submit it in seconds. Plus, these feedback boxes catch customers at a moment when they’re naturally interacting with your website. This will make their responses more authentic and valuable. 

A customer might be using your online appointment software and make an immediate judgment. Maybe they think the layout is a bit cluttered, or they’re struggling to find a vital piece of information. Putting a feedback box right on the website will give customers a chance to share their insights. If it’s not there, they might forget the thought — and you might lose an opportunity to improve your business. 

As you gather feedback from your customers, be sure to put it in use. Businesses that strive to improve themselves in order to please their customers are the ones that stick around the longest. An appointment system that’s efficient and helpful is an important part of the client experience. Keep your customers happy by using the right system and taking their comments and concerns seriously. 

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