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10 Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors This Summer

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get kids outdoors

Summertime is a great opportunity to get your kids outdoors and active. But for parents, it can be tough to find ways to keep them busy and entertained.

Luckily, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you and your child to choose from. Whether it’s taking a trip to the park or signing up for summer camp, there is something for every personality type.

Read on for our favorite ways to get your kids out for some fun in the sun.

10 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Active Outdoors This Summer

1. Go to Outdoor Movies or Concerts

If you want to spend quality time with your young ones outdoors and feel like mixing it up from the usual visit to the playground, look for family-friendly outdoor movie screenings or concerts in your area.

These are typically offered in town squares or parks during the summer months and make for a great evening activity that doesn’t cost much.

Do a quick search online or ask around at your local library to find out when and where these will be taking place near you. Try to find a movie that the whole family will enjoy, or look for a concert with kid-friendly performers.

2. Take a Splash in the Pool or Sprinklers

If you’re looking to beat the heat, there’s no better way to do it than by cooling off in the pool or sprinklers. Many local pools have special times set aside just for families with young children, so take advantage of that and let your kids splash around to their heart’s content.

If you don’t have access to a pool, sprinklers are always a fun option and can be easily set up in your backyard. If you really want to go all out, you could even turn it into a game of Slip ‘N Slide. Just be sure to supervise your children at all times when they’re near water.

3. Sign Your Kid Up For a Class or Camp

It’s important that children’s minds stay active while they’re out of school for the summer, and one great way to do that is by signing them up for a class or camp.

There are all sorts of summer programs available, from sports to art to theater. There’s sure to be something that interests your child and helps them explore their passions. Not only will they be having fun, but they’ll also be learning something new.

Classes and camps can get pricey, but many offer discounts if you sign up early or register for multiple sessions. And some even offer scholarships for families who can’t afford to pay the full price.

4. Go on Nature Scavenger Hunts

Getting into nature is a great way to spend a summer day, and it’s even more fun when you’re on the lookout for specific things.

Before heading out, make a list of items for your kids to find, such as rocks, leaves, flowers, or sticks. You can even make it a competition to see who can find the most items on the list.

Not only will your kids get some exercise by running around, but they’ll also be able to appreciate the beauty of nature. Visit nearby parks, forests, or nature trails to find the perfect spot for your scavenger hunt.

5. Try Backyard Camping

Your child can have the magical experience of camping without ever leaving the safety of your backyard.

Set up a tent, gather some activities or craft supplies, and let your child have an adventure right at home. This is a quick and easy solution to providing your kids with a private space similar to a fort or treehouse.

The great thing about tents is that they’re super easy to set up and take down, so you can do it as often as you like. And if the weather isn’t cooperating, you can always move the fun indoors.

6. Get Some Outdoor Equipment

Having plenty of toys set up in the yard makes it easy for kids to go outside and play.

A simple sandbox or water table can provide hours of fun, or you could get more elaborate with a swing set or playset. You can even find inflatable pools that are perfect for small yards.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are plenty of low-cost options such as chalk, hula hoops, or jump ropes. And if you get creative, you might be able to repurpose some of your child’s old toys for outdoor use as well.

7. Bring Your Child Along For Dog Walks

Dogs are the perfect walking companions, and bringing your child along will make it even more enjoyable.

Not only will they get to spend time with a furry friend, but they’ll also learn how to take care of a pet. And if you don’t have a dog, maybe one of your neighbors would be willing to let your child walk theirs for a bit.

Make sure to start off slow and choose a route that’s not too strenuous. Once you get the hang of it, you can even add in some stops along the way, such as a treat at the park or a visit to the dog beach.

This will prepare your young ones for when they’re finally ready to take on the responsibility of the family pet in a few short years.

8. Start an Entrepreneurial Venture

It’s never too early to start teaching your children about the value of hard work and determination.

One great way to do that is by helping them start their own business. This could be something as simple as setting up a lemonade stand or selling homemade crafts.

Another idea is to create a chore list for outdoor tasks such as raking leaves or washing the car. Your child can earn a commission for every job they complete, which will teach them about money management and budgeting.

Older children can make money by offering to do chores for neighbors or starting a dog-walking service. The sky’s the limit when it comes to entrepreneurial ventures, so get creative and have fun with it.

Not only will your child learn some valuable life lessons, but they’ll also get to enjoy the satisfaction of earning their own money.

9. Set Up a Messy Art Project Outside

Artistic projects are one of the most exciting activities for children to do during summer break. However, it can be a real headache for parents if the mess ends up inside the house.

The solution is to take the project outside, where you can hose down any spills and let the sun do the rest.

One fun idea is to make action paintings by having your child dip their hands in paint and then make prints on a large piece of paper or canvas. You can set up tarps, water buckets, and towels to make cleanup a breeze while letting your kids go wild.

10. Throw a Party

Want to be the coolest parent on the block? Throw a summer party for all the kids in the neighborhood.

This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors while giving your child a chance to socialize. You can set up some fun outdoor games, such as water balloon tosses or a treasure hunt. And don’t forget the food!

Nothing says summer like grilling hot dogs and serving up some refreshing watermelon. Just be sure to have plenty of sunscreen on hand to keep everyone safe from the sun.

Throwing a party for your child and their friends is a convenient idea for getting your kid outside — especially if your child has a summer birthday. But let them have a summer party, even if it’s not their special day — and you can be sure that will put a smile on their face.


With a little creativity and planning, you can easily find ways to get your kids outdoors this summer. With so many options available, there’s no excuse not to get your kids moving.

So go ahead and get started planning the remaining summer days with great activities. If you use an online calendar to keep activities organized, you can quickly share it with other family members and neighbors — or babysitters to make sure your kids are involved in joyful experiences that will augment summer learning.

Your kids will thank you for the summers they had as a kid. That, of course, won’t happen until later — but think back to your own childhood and incorporate some of those ideas this summer, too.

And who knows, you might relive some happy memories while building some “good ole days” for your children. And don’t forget to pack the sunscreen.

Image credit: Victoria Borodinova; Pexels; Thanks!

10 Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors This Summer was originally published on Calendar by Abby Miller.

10 Activities for Your Inner Outdoorsman

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10 Activities for Your Inner Outdoorsman

Sheltering in place for many long months has taken its toll. Now that the warm weather is finally here, it’s time to get outside! Your Calendar is just itching for you to fill it with some outdoor activities.

Activities for Your Inner Outdoorsman

Your inner outdoorsman might need some waking up after hibernating for the winter or from living in the city for too long. Luckily, there are a number of activities suited for everyone from the biggest homebodies to the backwoods enthusiasts:

1. Camping

Need to get away for a weekend? A camping trip will do just the trick. There should be at least one campground within driving distance from where you live, yet far enough away that you feel like you’re on an expedition.

If you’re unable to travel or just don’t feel like completely roughing it, camp out in the backyard. This can be just as fun, especially with small children who don’t travel well. Besides, camping within walking distance from the kitchen is the best of both worlds.

2. Hiking

The great thing about hiking is that you can go at your own pace. There are trails of varying difficulties so you can go on a calm afternoon stroll one day and get in a solid uphill workout on the next. You can also decide just how long you want to hike, simply turning around when you’re feeling ready to head back home.

If you live in the concrete jungle without access to nearby hiking trails, look for greenbelts and parks with walkways instead. These are beautiful and accessible places to talk a walk or go on a jog by yourself or with family.

3. Rock Climbing

Daredevils around the world chase the thrill of summiting the largest and most difficult peaks they can find. There’s a great sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a rigorous climb and enjoying the spectacular view of your achievement.

The reality is that not many people are willing and able to participate in outdoor rock climbing. However, you can have just as much fun doing some indoor rock climbing. Your innermost outdoorsmen will be just as entertained, and you’ll be much safer all the while.

4. Biking

You’ve heard the saying “it’s as easy as riding a bike”. There’s a reason this phrase has been around for so long; you never truly forget how to ride a bike. Put that to the test by saddling up for a bike ride.

There are varying degrees of biking for everyone from aspiring Olympic athletes to parents looking to unplug their kids from video games. You can take a mountain bike to hit the trails, get a street bike for some intense exercise, or take the family on a Sunday ride with whatever wheels you got. Biking can even replace your commute to work if you’re within riding distance.

5. Bird Watching

Want to enjoy the great outdoors without feeling like you’re only trying to survive? Give bird watching a try. This activity surrounds you with nature but encourages you to stay as still as possible instead of hiking up a mountainside.

Many bird watchers take a guidebook and a set of binoculars and try to spot as many species as they can. To take the hobby up a notch, grab a camera and work on your photography skills. The pictures you take will make a wonderful record of the time you’ve spent outdoors.

6. Golf

Another way to get outdoors without expending too much energy is to play a round of golf. You can get a good walk in or enjoy a ride in a golf cart, one of the best forms of transportation out there.

Most golf courses are immaculate. Groundskeepers do an excellent job keeping everything green and luscious. You’ll almost feel like you’re walking through a field in the woods instead of on controlled, manicured grounds.

7. Water Sports

You don’t always have to be a landlubber to be an outdoorsman. You’re depriving yourself of a lot of great experiences if you stay away from the many lakes and rivers in our country.

For the adrenaline junkies, white water rafting is one of the most exhilarating water activities you can find. For a calmer experience, take a canoe or a paddleboard onto a serene lake.

8. Archery

Archery has come a long way since it was first invented. Before it was a method of self-defense and survival. Today, it’s an outdoorsman hobby for testing technique and accuracy.

The reason that archery falls so far down the list is that it’s a fairly expensive hobby. Quality bows aren’t cheap, although arrows are reusable and targets can be made at home. You might be able to find a local archery range that allows you to rent bows and a range to give it a try before making a full commitment. If they offer archery classes, add one to your Calendar for some beginner instruction.

9. Fishing

There aren’t many activities as therapeutic as fishing. Minimal effort is required to set up a pole and wait for the fish to bite. After casting your line you can sit back in a chair and read a book or let your eyes rest for a moment.

If you have reliable data, you can even get some work done while at the fishing pond. Take the time to catch up on emails or schedule a phone call in your Calendar for the time you’re out fishing. Just make sure that work doesn’t completely overtake your outdoor experience so it feels like you’re still getting away.

10. Horseback Riding

Can you imagine a time before cars? While today people will commute many miles just to and from work, many years ago the distance a horse could ride was your limit. Getting back to those deep American roots will be sure to bring out that inner outdoorsman of yours.

There’s nothing quite like riding a horse. Commanding such a powerful animal is an experience not many can say they’ve had in today’s world. Setting up a horseback ride in your Calendar for a picnic or just to feel the wind in your hair is an event you won’t soon forget.

Pick a couple of these outdoor activities to add to your Calendar. Use up your weekends and afternoons to get out and experience the world while you can.

10 Activities for Your Inner Outdoorsman was originally published on Calendar by .

Get Some Sun With These 7 Team-Building Activities

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There are plenty of ways to promote teamwork at the office. Many favorites, however, can only be done outside.

As the weather improves and social distancing drags on, people are spending more time outdoors. Getting outside together strengthens bonds at a safe distance, building trust and promoting productivity.

Best of all, team-building delivers those benefits even when it’s unstructured. Making memories outdoors doesn’t require metrics or days of planning. Fresh air and positive attitudes are all it takes.

What are the easiest, most enjoyable ways to get your team outdoors? Our favorites include:

1. Have a picnic.

The company picnic is a staple for a reason: Breaking bread brings people together without breaking the bank. 

If you have the means, you can get your picnic catered. You can also keep it simple, however, by asking everyone on the team to bring a dish to share. Create a sign-up list to make sure you don’t wind up with nine bags of chips and no entrees.

Play some games, invite family members, and have fun. Nothing beats a classic. 

2. Make it a cook-off.

Do a couple of people at the office claim to have the best chilli recipe? Add a little healthy competition to an afternoon outside by making it a cook-off. 

If you’ve got a large group, split people into teams. Mix and match across departments that you don’t wind up with marketers v. salespeople. The whole point is to help people create new connections.

Set up a scoring system. Maybe the best salad is worth two points, the best appetizer three, and the best entree five. Ask board members to be judges, or select them from the team through a lottery system.

Give a small prize, such as a gift card, to members of the winning cooks. The real winners, however, are the people who get to enjoy the tasty food. 

3. Join a sports league.

In the mood for more healthy competition? Join a local sports league. Look for opportunities to face off against other businesses, which can encourage company pride. 

Find a sport that appeals to as many people as possible. Some popular sports likely to have organized leagues include:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Ultimate frisbee

Sports leagues promote health and wellness. To a degree meals and movie nights don’t, they also pull people out of their comfort zones. Just be sure to emphasize the team aspect rather than trying to win at all costs. 

4. Attend a sporting event.

Would you rather watch sports than play them? In that case, treat everyone to an outdoor sporting event. 

Yes, many matches are on pause during the pandemic. That makes them all the more special, however, when people can enjoy the experience again. 

Plus, sporting events aren’t just for sports lovers. Stadiums offer lots of food, shopping, and tailgating opportunities.

With that said, stadium prices are steep: Consider giving team members an allowance so that they can grab a beer or a t-shirt without stressing about what’s in their wallet. 

5. Experience live music.

If you want to have a good time with your team, you can’t go wrong with live music outdoors. Music has so much connective power that it’s often referred to as a universal language. 

Of course, not everyone listens to the same kind of music. If an artist that a lot of people like comes to town, though, why not get the team tickets? Those who don’t want to attend can simply give their tickets to family members of the workers who do. 

Better yet, attend a nearby music festival together. Because they include multiple acts, their appeal is broader than any one show. 

6. Take a field trip.

Remember how much you looked forward to field trips when you were in school? Your team members think about them in the same way: as a break from the daily grind. 

Consider the following activities to engage your team:

  • Visiting an amusement park
  • Going to the zoo
  • Hiking at a national park
  • Enjoying a day at the beach

Everyone could use a day away from work now and again. Charter a bus to your destination, and enjoy the thrills of a roller coaster or the calm vibe of a park. 

7. Go camping.

Camping is not for everyone, and it takes a little more planning than the other ideas on this list. With that said, spending a day out in the elements can rally everyone together. 

Camping does not need to be hardcore. Adjust the trip to a level that works for your team: Cabins might be a better choice than tents, and pre-made meals can avoid the challenges of cooking for a group over a fire.

Don’t underestimate the business value of enjoying an afternoon outside together. The best memories are made not in the office but in the great outdoors. Get out there, and start making them. 

7 Ways to Get More Done by Getting Fresh Air

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Morning Routine

How much time do you spend indoors on a daily basis? Even without a stay-at-home order, it’s probably at least 12 hours. Chances are, it’s more like 20 or 22 hours per day.

Whatever your answer, spending more time outdoors is good for you. It relieves stress, enhances your creative abilities, and helps you be more productive. 

Unfortunately, life has a way of keeping you indoors. Don’t let it stop you from taking care of yourself. Make fresh air a priority by intentionally scheduling your day to get outdoors. A great place to start is with your breaks during the workday. 

Here are some easy ways to boost your productivity by getting more time outdoors:

  • Schedule Exercise Breaks

When you see the word “exercise,” your mind may automatically jump to an image of the gym. But it’s important to remember that exercise doesn’t have to happen indoors to be effective. 

A break during the workday is a good time to take a walk, go hiking, or do some light yoga out in nature. And if you have pets, bring them along for the journey. 

To ensure you don’t forget, add exercise breaks to your schedule. Physical exertion offers a nice release from a sedentary office environment, enabling you to return to work with renewed energy.

  • Make it Social

There’s a lot to be said for getting some much-needed alone time during work breaks, especially if you’re constantly interacting with team members. But having some company during a break can really improve the dynamics of your work relationships.

The next time you go outside for a break, take a colleague with you. You could meet up with a friend at a park, play some frisbee, or talk about current events. 

The outdoors is also a good place to talk on the phone with family members or anyone you don’t see on a regular basis. Make it even more personal with a video chat. Soaking up the energy from good conversations is sure to enhance your outdoor experience. 

  • Eat Lunch Outdoors

You might get tempted to eat lunch at your desk, but it’s a good idea to drop your work during lunch completely. And going outdoors can be a great way to make the most of a lunch break. 

Pack a healthy meal. Find a soft spot of grass, and take in the scenery while you eat. You’re likely to enjoy your lunch more in an open space rather than in a cooped-up one. 

For an added boost, turn the lunch break into a picnic. Invite a few friends, bring a blanket, and find a nice tree to sit under. 

  • Meditate in Nature

If you search “meditation,” you’ll mostly see images of people practicing it in outdoor settings like on a beach, near water, or amid all kinds of greenery. Meditating outside is proven to help you relax and come out feeling more alert and awake.

If you do decide to meditate outside, ditch the headphones. The sound of insects, wind, and rushing water will enhance your practice.

  •  Snap Some Photos

You don’t have to be a professional to get into nature photography. All you need is a phone, a break during your day, and an artistic eye.

Don’t judge yourself. Just look for beauty, notice the small things, and try to take photos that show everyday life in new ways. 

  • Add an App

Too often, apps keep us indoors rather than pushing us outside. But our screens don’t have to trap us inside.

There are plenty of games you can download that make you go outside to get the full experience. Pokémon Go! is a popular example, but Zombies, Run! is gaining attention quickly. You can also use apps to go geocaching and find special containers that people have left in your area. The possibilities are endless, and some of them even double as a fitness tracker.

  • Work Outdoors

Taking breaks outdoors is a great way to restore your motivation, but why not work outdoors when you can? When the weather permits, simply working from a picnic table outside your office can keep your stress levels low and productivity high. 

Offices with natural lighting and plenty of plants are filled with plants are no substitute for actually working outside. Your body and senses will thank you for the fresh air. 

As you schedule your week, try to maximize your outdoor time. Start small, and get used to the hours in nature. Soon, you’ll wonder why you were spending so much time indoors in the first place. 

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