1. How can I pay for my calendar?

You can select your payment plan by logging into your calendar and clicking on the “Billing” link. You can view the number of bookings you have been using and select your preferred plan. You will then be prompted to input your credit card information or pay with Paypal.

2. Are there any hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs. There are some optional costs, such as personal tutor sessions or colour and wrapper customization.

3. Do I need a website?

No, you do not need a website to use the calendar. You can let your customers know about your online booking service through an email newsletter, phone message or business card. If you have a website, please Click Here for more information on how and why you should add a link to the calendar on your website.

4. What if I have technical problems with my calendar?

We offer free tech support by email and live chat during regular business hours and support emails are monitored 24/7 for emergencies, such as service interruptions. All non-emergency emails will be responded to within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

5. Can the calendar be branded to match my website?

Yes, you can include your logo and select your own colours for the calendar. For further branding, you can include the header and footer from your website into our wrapper template or even build the calendar into a framed page within your website.

6. What is an API?

Our API allows you to integrate the calendar with other software programs. Please Click Here for further information about our API capabilities.

7. Are you integrated with Outlook or other calendars?

You can import bookings from your Appointment.com calendar into Outlook. Appointment.com also attaches a vCard to every e-mail notification and confirmation which can be saved in Outlook, iCal, Palm and many other calendars. We also include a Google API for instant syncing with your Google calendar.

8. How can I take payments through the calendar?

We offer payment gateways with Paypal, Paypal Pro, and Paypal Pro UK. Access to the Paypal gateway is included in your Appointment.com calendar at no extra cost. Paypal requires that you to setup a merchant account. Click Here for further information and our API capabilities.

9. What countries (currencies) and Languages does Appointment.com support?

We currently support English only. However, most of the fields in the calendar are customizable and can be written in any language.  For currencies we offer, CAD, USD, GBP, DKK, HKD, AUD, NZD and South African Rand. Please let us know if you require a currency that is not listed here and we will do our best to accommodate this.

10. What happens if I require more bookings than are included in my Package?

The system will allow you to take bookings beyond the allowed number in your package. If this happens, you will be charged 10 cents per booking for each booking that you go over.