Marketing Tips

You have made the decision to use’s online appointment scheduling system and now you have the task of getting the word out to your customers – both current and potential.

Following are marketing tips from some of’s customers.

1.) Tips if you have a website
2.) Tips if you do not have a website but have or might get your own domain name.
3.) Printed materials and advertising
4.) Answering machine messages

If you have a website:

Your website is one of the most powerful means to promote your online appointment calendar. You have two options:

1.) Create a link from your website directly to your web address.

2.) Create a page within your website providing details on how to book an appointment and provide a link to your web address.


Book your appointment online in real time!
No waiting, no answering machines, no hassles.

“Company’s Name” innovation in customer convenience is our online booking system. Our online appointment calendar facilitates making appointments for our services in real time. No phoning, messaging, waiting, confirming or flipping through appointment books.

Simply go online, review available times, and book your appointment at any time, day or night. Its that simple!

Click on the calendar below to schedule your appointment:

Schedule Online
(if you like to use this icon, right mouse-click
on it and save image on your PC)

If you give access to registered customers/members only, you may want to add the following copy:

First time users:
Please register first as a new Member/Customer.
Once you have filled out the registration form, your password will be e-mailed immediately.
Your username will be your e-mail address. You will need to remember both your username and password for subsequent booking access. (Note: If you wish, you can later change your initial password to something of your own choice. This can be done after logging in by selecting the appropriate option at “Customer Info”).

If you do not have a website but plan to get your own domain name:

1.) Give your clients the web address that we will provide you with (ie. and they can directly access your calendar.

***This works very well but, it is a long address for people to type into a web browser, resulting in a longer message on your answering machine and is harder for clients to remember than a website address.

2.) Register a domain name (you can associate a website or email with this name in the future because you will own the name). We would recommend that, if you are not going to establish a website, obtaining a domain name is still very beneficial. You can setup the domain name to take your clients directly to the appointment calendar. Instead of the long appointment calendar web address, you give clients your domain name Purchasing a domain name is very inexpensive. For example, with it averages only $9.00/year and redirects your domain name to your calendar. This will also help you in the future if you want to establish a website, as the name will already be owned by you.

Print Advertising:

Put up a sign in your reception area (e.g. Book Appointments Online!).
Print your Web-Address and/or your address on all documents including:
Business cards, Invoices, Appointment Cards and Letterhead.
Make sure your Web-Address and/or your address is in all your advertising (i.e. Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Trade Publications, Newsletter)
Send an email to all of your current customers notifying them of the new booking option with your Website/ address.

Answering Machine:

Ensure your answering machine message encourages your customers to visit your online calendar. If you do not have a website, please see the note below for a very helpful tip.
Sample answering machine/voicemail message:

Welcome to “Your Company Name”, for your convenience we are pleased to provide an online appointment calendar. It’s simple, secure & fast. You can visit us at our website at www… or and book your appointment any time, from any place. Or leave us a message ….