Once you are using a credit card transaction gateway, you need to do the following procedures in order to make a booking “Active” or confirmed.

Here is what happens with a booking when a Credit Card Gateway is activated.

Once your customer is booking an appointment or event, the booking gets taken off the inventory and is a unconfirmed or pending booking. By default it will stay as a unconfirmed or pending booking for 1 day.

If no payment confirmation is received the booking will be cancelled.

If “Vendor” or the credit card gateway confirms payment, this unconfirmed or pending booking will turn into a active booking.

This is why you need to enter some information about Appointment.com into your gateway software.


1.  Pay Pal Activation

  • Log in at www.PayPal.com with your settings.Click on “Profile “and  “My Selling Preferences” on the left
    Click on Update next to “Instant Payment Notifications”
  • Check the box to enable Instant Payment Notification
  • Enter the following URL:https://www.appointment.com/paypal/ipn/booking_ipn.php
  • Enable – Receive IPN messages
  • Click Save

2.  Appointment.com Activation

  • Go to “Vendor Admin”Select “Be processed by PayPal” at “Credit Card Information will:”
  • enter your e-mail address in the “PayPal E-mail address” field.
    NOTE: use the original PayPal e-mail address and not a sub-account e-mail address.

Click “Update” on the bottom of page.

NOTE: If you have any pre-existing schedule (s) it is not needed to change the payment status in Vendor Admin. You need to change it in the already set up “Schedule (s)”.