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Basic setup Basic Setup:
Vendor Admin:
Setup Company information.
Enable or disable the main features/functions in the calendar and select your preferences for calendar display. How to set up
Vendor Admin Video(3 min)
Explains all the basic features and settings for your
Additional (optional) base features Additional (optional) base features:
Agent Admin:
Setup your staff, receptionists or booking agents with varying access to the administrative functions of the calendar. How to set up
Location Admin:
Categorize your schedules under multiple heading, such as "Location" or "Specialty", also helpful in limiting agent access to only one "Location" How to set up
Timezone Admin:
Select available timezones or add customized timezones to calendar. How to set up
Agent Admin Video(4 min 55 sec)
Explains setup for your staff and agents with different access levels.
Location Admin
Appointment Calendar Appointment Calendar:
Before setting up the appointment calendar, enable or disable the main features/functions in the calendar and select your preferences for calendar display.
Service Admin:
Setup various services or appointment types that you offer. "Services" can be varying lengths and costs. How to set up
Schedule Admin:
Setup availability for you and your staff or facilities. How to set up
Basic Service Admin Video (1min 57 sec)
Initial Schedule Admin Video (1 min 55 sec)
Optional Appointments Features:
Station Admin:
Allocate services to specific rooms or stations. How to set up
Package Admin:
Combine multiple services into a package that can be booked with multiple providers consecutively or simultaneously (ie. couples massage). How to set up
Station Admin Setup Video - optional (2 min 21 sec)
Package Admin Setup Video - optional (2min 35 sec)
Event Calender Event/Workshop Calendar:
E.G. Yoga Class, Classes and Seminars.
Event/Workshop Admin:
Create one time or re-ocurring events/workshops which allow multiple bookings and multiple cost types in the same time slot. How to set up
Event Admin Video (4 min 19 sec)
Optional Features Optional Features:
(which need to be enabled in vendor admin)
Standing Reservations:
Book re-occurring appointments.How to set up
Waiting List:
View and add clients to a waitlist and/or allow clients to add themselves. How to set up
Buy Credit:
This is to bundle your services into a credit package which will be used and tracked in the calendar (E.G. Sell a package of 10 one hour massages for the price of ..) How to set up
Gift Certificate:
Create, sell, send, redeem and track your gift certificates through the calendar. How to set up
Shopping Cart:
Sell products online or in-house through the calendar. How to set up
Standing Reservations or Recurring appointments video
Waiting List video
Buy Credit feature
Gift Certificate feature
ShoppingCart feature
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